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Marinec Shipping Co., Ltd. Was incorporated in Union of Republic of Myanmar and registered under Company Act on July 2011 .We have the structure and operation licenses (SRPS License no. SRPS/PVN/059) legally authorized by DMA. Government of Myanmar, to provide manning services to various ship owners and managers globally. With the head office at Yangon, commercial sector of Myanmar, Marinec Shipping is recognized as a niche provider of personalized high quality crew management services. Since its inception, Marinec has deployed the most qualified and competent Myanmar seafarers on board the vessels owned by our main Principals; Manx Ocean Crewing Limited and Norwest Management Co., Pte. Ltd. Marinec Shipping Co., Ltd, is fully committed to upholding and maintaining its reputation in this business today with its creed of ensuring high and consistent standard of quality in its crew management services which covers the complete spectrum of human resource management for the ship owner, to meet the international Standards, Flag State regulations, and Port State requirements, relevant Local Standards and Guidelines and Management Contracts.


"To provide our customers with seafarers meeting the required qualification with certification, medical fitness, and experience as demanded by the customer and applicable international and national laws", the following "Quality Objectives" has been established for the Year 2015: ♦ Achieve High Level of Customer Satisfaction- KPI Not less than 80 Grade Point ♦ Achieve Crew Retention Rate-KPI-Not less than 90%.

Our Vision

Marinec Shipping Co., Ltd has set up its vision to provide qualified seafarers meeting the requirements of with industry standards.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best qualified and competent seafarers with adequate knowledge and practical skills through application of quality management system.

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