Procedure for Recruitment of Seafarers

Validation of process for production and service provision

Validation of process is performed by constant communication with ship owners and ship masters to ascertain the deployed seafarers are performing as expected. Since no process of conformity which cannot be measured through monitoring and measurement, this standard application is excluded in company QMS.

Customer Property

Marinec safely maintains the data/ information and its confidentiality about the ship owner requirements as well as seafarers personal information during the recruitment & placement process. These information and requirements are identifiable & traceable. Any original or critical documents of Marinec & seafarer, is kept confidential (no information is disclosed to others other than the concerned shipping authorities) and wherever recruited under lock & key preservation under custodian of authorized person.



Statistical techniques will be applied to analyze the data from service, etc. To ensure the conformity of compliance with QMS and to judge its effectiveness for continual improvement, quality audits are conducted in the organization, after every six month.

Identification & Traceability

During the service realization, ship/vessel name is used for job identification. Candidate name & rank is used for identification of Candidates during recruitment process. For traceability, employment code is used to trace back the all details of recruited seafarer.

Preservation of products

Since there is no process recruited for preservation of product "delivery of fill for purpose crew", this application is excluded from the company's QMS.

Control of Monitoring & Measuring Equipments

Marinec does not use any monitoring & measuring equipments to verify their service quality/ performance. Since this clause is not applicable for Marinec's QMS.


Selection Criteria

All applicants shall meet the following requirements
  1. Flight Reservation
  2. Ticketing Arrangement
  3. Airline Letter of Guarantee (LOG) with the appointed travel agent
  4. Possess necessary certificates and licenses
  5. Minimum qualification standard as per Principal requirements.
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